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How to Handle Cleaning Your Sofa Easily
08 July 2015
How to Handle Cleaning Your Sofa Easily

When it comes to cleaning your home there are lots of areas to keep clean and sanitised. Using the best quality products for the job is important. Though, general housework is done regularly and you get used to using certain tools and products you also need to make sure you keep your furniture clean. It is sometimes easy to forget about the cleaning of a sofa. But like other parts of your home a sofa and chairs get a lot of use from you and possibly the pets so they are going to get grubby and dirty like everywhere else. You need to make certain you give it a good clean regularly to combat the dirt and germ that can build up over time and completely ruin the look of the sofa. Here we give you some useful tips on caring for your sofa.

Where to start
The first job you need to do when contemplating cleaning the sofa is to look at what it is made from. Whether it is leather or upholstery you need to be aware of what material you are dealing with. Having the right product for the job is the best choice and store it with other cleaning products so you always have it to hand. There are different techniques and products for each so familiarise yourself with the fabric. Some sofas will come with guidelines on how to clean and suggest methods and ways of cleaning if they mention a particular solution to cleaning then certainly take not of this valuable information. If you can’t find the instructions then make sure you buy a shop bought cleaning that will suit the fabric. If you are unsure of how the detergent is going to react to the fibers, try cleaning a small area out at the back or underneath before attempting the complete area. This way you will know if there is going to be any fading or discolouration.

General cleaning
Having the correct cleaning solution for the type of sofa you own is important, but there are some simple ways that can keep the furniture looking great. Regularly vacuuming with the proper attachment will get rid of dust, and food spillages that get deep under the sofa cushions. Remove the cushions and vacuum underneath and down the edges. This will prevent any crumbs that may have been dropped going moldy and causing bacteria deep into the inside of the sofa. Afterward using a damp cloth rinsed in mild detergent such as washing up liquid, wipe all over the furniture. This works for leather and upholstery and will not harm any of the fabric. Don’t soak the sofa simply ensure the cloth is damp. This helps removes any pet hair or light food spillage and keep it looking clean. Do this at least twice a week to keep it nice and clean.

Other useful tips include
You could look online at home remedies for cleaning your sofa and some of them are fairly good and do work. Bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice are all good alternative cleaning agents that work sometimes just as well as the shop bought products but are often cheaper and of course are better for the environment. But, it is worth doing a small area first to make sure there are no reactions to the fabric. Most leather sofas are durable and easy to wipe down. Upholstery needs more care and caution. It is possible to machine wash some cushion covers in the washing machine but read the instructions first as if they shrink you will never get the covers back on the cushion seats!   

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