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Get Your Rental Property Clean Before You Move
06 March 2015
Get Your Rental Property Clean Before You Move

When you are moving out of a rental property, end of lease cleaning is highly important, but it is likely the last thing you want to worry about. In order to secure your security deposit bond back after you move out, you should invest the time and effort in cleaning your rental property. End of lease cleaning really just entails ordinary domestic cleaning tasks, but it can feel more pressurised because you also have to pack on top of this.

To make your life easier in getting the house clean before you move out, try using this house cleaning checklist so that you don’t miss any elements.

-    Kitchen: oven cleaning is important and you should focus on the oven and range hood. Clean the splash backs and bench tops, as well as scrub and disinfect sinks and taps. Make sure you dry these properly so there aren’t any water stains left. Also clean the inside and outside of cupboards.

-    Bathroom: clean and scrub the toilet, disinfecting and polishing as you go. The basins and taps should have attention paid to them and scrub them effectively, as well as drying them afterwards. Polish the mirrors and any other metallic surfaces for added shine.

-    Bedroom: vacuum the floor thoroughly; it is often easier to do this once the bed has been moved out so that you can attend to their entire floor space. Also check in cupboards and wardrobes as they may need to be dusted and cleaned. Dust and clean light bulbs, lampshades and ceiling fans or on top of the radiator to make sure they are clean.

-    Lounge room: you will need to vacuum, mop or sweep the entire floor space once all the furniture is out. Any surfaces, such as coffee tables or bedside tables if they are remaining in the property, should be dusted and polished. Also check light bulbs, window sills and curtains and make sure these are dust free and looking clean. Check the walls and ceilings and remove any spot marks that may have occurred.

-    Outside: you should mow the grass so that it looks presentable and even. Also trim the edges of grass along pavements and sidewalks and trim any plants if they need it. Wash down cement and brick walls with a power house. You should also clean out the bins and disinfect them for the next renters of the house.

If you are feeling under too much pressure and stress to do all the cleaning yourself, it can be a worthy investment of your time and money to hire a professional cleaner. Many cleaning agencies specialise in end of tenancy cleaning and send a professional who knows exactly what to do. Ring around to a few different cleaning companies and see what the price quotes are like. If you can afford to, it is a much more effective way to get the rental cleaned before you move out and will guarantee your bond money will be returned. Another alternative is asking your friends and family to help you out with the cleaning before you move. The more help you can, the easier it will be during this busy time of your life. If you have assistance with the cleaning, then you will be able to focus on better on packing your life into boxes and getting ready to move to the next place.

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