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Cleaning And Laundry Hacks
12 November 2014
Cleaning And Laundry HacksDoes laundry day make you sulk? If you have kids and/or a family, there must be a lot of clothes that pile up at the end of the week. When you are working through the week, it is hard to make time for laundry and it all accumulates till there is a lot of washing to do at the end of the week. Not to mention, the house cleaning which you can’t ignore. Kids will add a lot more to laundry too, not only the clothes they wear but also the things that they put mud or food on. If you struggle with removing dirt and stain from clothes, or simply with having to juggle too many items in the laundry room, here are some laundry hacks that will make cleaning clothes easy-peasy.1.    Instead of having to carry different bottles of detergent, softener and laundry liquids when laundering, use drinks dispensers or convert jars into dispensers and fill them up with the necessary liquids. It is easier to fill the washing machine slots from taps.2.    Divide laundry according to how they should be washed. Use the symbols on the tags or look up the internet to know how certain clothes should be treated.3.    If you have a spacious laundry room, organize some baskets to sort laundry into. Every day, before you retire, put all the clothes you would was into the respective baskets – one for light coloured clothing, one for coloured items, one for delicates and so on and so forth.4.    If you want to clean a lot of your kids’ toys, put them in the washer and run a cycle at normal temperature. If the items are small or sharp, put them in a cloth bag before running the wash cycle.5.    If you want to wash your shower curtain in the washer, add a couple of bath towels and some baking soda. The bath towels will cushion the plastic during the wash and the baking soda acts as an added abrasive cleaner.6.    Never overload your washer just to save yourself some time. As the clothes become wet, they become heavier. This means that the motor has to work doubly hard to turn the container, and since there is no place to agitate the clothes, they are probably not going to come out very clean. 7.    Do not go by the measure that commercials show. That is a marketing trick to get you to buy more detergent. Mostly, less is more. Adding extra will not make them cleaner, it will only leave behind a soapy residue that accumulates more dirt.8.    For clothes that do not have any directions added regarding how to wash and if you are not sure of the fabric texture, don’t risk it – just give it to a cleaning company to dry clean for you. This is true for stains that you are confident about removing.9.    Don’t use fabric softener for soft, fluffy towels. Use vinegar instead in your rinse cycle.10.    To fluff pillows, put them in the dryer and run them on a warm air cycle.11.    If you want to save time by washing lights and colds together, use cold water instead of hot. However try not to put it new coloured clothes until after 3 washes. 12.    If you are doing laundry too many times during the week, it might be a good idea to buy a new pair of sheets, clothes, socks, underwear etc.13.    However, if doing your laundry all on one day is not your forte, break it up into sections during the week so that you don’t have to wash and fold too many clothes at once.

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